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I am Mário, a freelance filmmaker based in Portugal. I am an experienced content creator and I have worked directly with music bands (Salto, Miguel Araújo, Radio Moscow, Balthazar and many more) as well as companies such as Super Bock, Somersby or Jameson. Last year I was responsible for around 40% of the digital content (video and photo) for the biggest Portuguese brewery Super Bock, co-owned by Carlsberg Group. 




Here you’ll find my film portfolio containing promo films, music pieces, documentaries and much more. I work for clients such as Super Bock, Zippy, Inovretail, SonaeIM, Jameson, Edelweiss and many others.

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Here you’ll find my film portfolio containing lifestyle photography, autor,  product, travel and branded content photography for multiple clients. All of them are shot in Europe and Africa.

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I can arrange and meet with the best producers, cinematographers and any good assets you need for your project, regardless of big, mid or small budget. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride through some of my projects. Feel free to also visit me at my office, shared with architects and designers from Mass Lab. The coffee is on me. 

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